Camp Nicolet

A Typical Day

Our standard schedule runs Monday through Saturday. Activities are assigned on a Green Day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) or Buff Day (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday) cycle.

Sunday is a fun day dedicated to an exciting all-camp activity based on a theme such as Counselor Hunt or Marathon Day.  See the Special Activities page in the For Campers section for more information.

A Typical Day at Camp Nicolet

7:30am:  Wake Up
7:45am:  Waitress
8:00am:  Flag
8:05am:  Breakfast
9:00am:  Capers
9:45am:  Activity 1
11:00am: Activity 2
12:15pm: Waitress
12:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm:  Rest Hour
2:30pm:  Activity 3
3:45pm:  Activity 4
5:00pm:  Cabin Activity
5:45pm:  Waitress
6:00pm:  Flag
6:05pm:  Dinner
7:30pm:  Evening                Program
9:00pm:  East End Taps
10:00pm: West End Taps