Camp Nicolet

Leadership Program

The Camp Nicolet Leadership Program is established to help older campers learn leadership skills and gain hands-on experience helping with the day-to-day operation of the camp.

While still participating in activities you love, you’ll have a chance to assist in instructional activities of your choice, plan special activities on various committees, and assist in younger camper cabins. In addition, you will participate in leadership skill development lessons three times per week, designed to help you make a transformation from camper to staff member.  Experience gained throughout the program helps prepare you for future summers as a Nicolet counselor & activity instructor.

The Leadership Program is a multi-year progressive program.  Be sure to visit each page for more information on what to expect at each stage of the program.

Advanced Camper (AC) – age 15

Counselor In Training (CIT I & CIT II) – age 16+

Those completing the Leadership Program are then eligible to apply to become full staff at age 19, or after having completed one year of college/university.