Camp Nicolet

Advanced Campers

AC – Advanced Camper –  15 years-old and have completed 9th grade 

Some of the highlights of the AC program include:

  • Enroll in the session of your choice and complete all necessary forms
  • Live in a cabin with your advisor


  • Participate in five activity hours/day
  • Eligible to register with Northpoint Adventures for Isle Royale Backpacking,
  • Eligible to participate in the Peshtigo River Whitewater Rafting Trip (optional for Nicolet Session I AC’s – no registration necessary; cost is billed to your camp store account)
  • Participate in the 4th of July morning wake-up tradition


  • Assist staff at dining hall tables
  • Receive a CIT mentor to shadow throughout the summer
  • Assist a CIT with cabinsitting
  • Participate in feedback sessions weekly


  • Demonstrate yourself as a positive role model
  • Assist with Sunday night BBQ’s
  • Act as a team leader for special activity days