Camp Nicolet

Counselors in Training

CIT I – Counselor in Training I & CIT II – Counselor in Training II

The CIT program is a progressive, two-year program in which campers (age 16+ and having completed 10th grade) work to complete assigned activities at the CIT I level before advancing to the CIT II level. Some highlights of the program include:

  • Enroll in a minimum of four weeks of your choice each year and complete all necessary forms
  • Live in a cabin with your advisor
  • Receive time off on Wednesdays from 5pm-11pm where you have access to your phone and computer and are able to leave camp property
  • Have access to staff room privileges until 11pm where you also have access to your phone and computer


  • Participate in activities each day; number of hours is dependant on which level of the program you are currently completing
  • Eligible to register with Northpoint for Voyageurs Wilderness Canoe or Rocky Mountain Backpacking,
  • Participate in the Manitowish Leadership Day program (no registration necessary)


  • Receive a mentor to shadow throughout the summer
  • Receive Instructor Training each week
  • Participate in feedback and evaluation sessions weekly
  • Cabinsit with an AC during staff meetings or staff events
  • Participate in camp visits to learn about other camps and their programs
  • Participate in weekly cabin assignment rotations to assist staff and learn the dynamics of working with each age group


  • Demonstrate yourself as a positive role model
  • Assist and train with staff each day in the area of your choice; number of hours is dependant on which level of the program you are currently completing
  • Mentor an Advanced Camper throughout the summer
  • Organize and emcee the camper talent shows
  • Fill in for staff at dining hall tables if no staff are available to assist with table waitressing
  • Act as tour guides for visiting groups of CITs