Camp Nicolet

For Parents

A Message to Parents

Here at Camp Nicolet, our mission is to provide a safe, fun, and inclusive environment in which girls develop an understanding of and appreciation for self, others, and the natural world through activities, community living, and outdoor adventure. We believe that a Nicolet camper experiences individual growth by “learning to live together” with her peers and counselors while exercising her independence and personal autonomy through free choice.

In selecting Camp Nicolet for your daughter, we trust that you place faith in the guidance and understanding our director and staff will provide to your child. As we wish to make the adjustment to camp life a rich and meaningful experience, we ask that you develop an awareness and understanding of the guidelines and policies that are fundamental to the operation of Camp Nicolet and the well-being of our camp family. This handbook will be your guide to all things Nicolet; please familiarize yourself with its contents.

Thank you so much for choosing Camp Nicolet as your summer camp family!