Camp Nicolet

Parent FAQ

Where is Camp Nicolet?

Camp Nicolet is located east of Eagle River, Wisconsin in the Northwoods.

Where do the campers come from?

Nicolet campers come from all over the United States and approximately 15% are international.

How many campers are there?

Camp has a capacity of 100 campers per session.  Campers are placed in cabins based on the grade completed just prior to camp.  East End campers range in age from 7-11 and West End campers are between the ages of 12-17.

What activities are offered at Nicolet?

Some of the many activities we offer include waterskiing, horseback riding, swimming lessons, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddling, tennis, field games like soccer and softball, court sports such as basketball and volleyball, arts & crafts, mad scientist, archery, and adventure hour to name a few. Campers get to select their activities in order of preference once they’re enrolled and then are auto-scheduled into the available lessons through the CampMinder system.

What activities are also available, but not included in the basic tuition?

Campers may choose to take 3 additional lessons of waterskiing and/or horseback riding per week.  We also offer semi-private wake boarding lessons and SCUBA for an additional fee.  Please see the Sessions & Fees page in the About Camp section of the website for more information.

Is Camp Nicolet a competitive or non-competitive camp?

Our activities are designed for campers to progress at their own pace and support one another while doing so.  The opportunity for competition exists through fun elective team sports such as intercamp soccer matches or participation in a tennis tournament.

What is the camper’s daily schedule?

Campers participate in a structured activity schedule Monday through Saturday, and all-camp special activities on Sundays.  Please see A Typical Day in the About Camp section of the website for more information.

How do campers travel to and from camp?

Three modes of transportation are common:  Driving, Camp Bus, and Airport Shuttle.  Those who live close enough usually drive their daughter to camp.  Families traveling internationally may fly with their daughter and then rent a car and drive them to camp.  Those who live close to the Chicago and Milwaukee areas may send their camper on a coach bus that we reserve specifically for camp.  Camp Nicolet does not pick campers up at the Chicago or Milwaukee airports, therefore, any campers flying into Chicago or Milwaukee will need to find transportation from the airport to the camp bus pickup location.  Lastly, we offer an airport shuttle to and from the Rhinelander and Wausau airports.  Please contact the camp office with your daughter’s flight itinerary to make arrangements.

What kind of food will my daughter be eating throughout the summer?

Our food is excellent!  We serve buffet style and have a salad & fruit bar available at each meal.  Our Head Chef takes pride in providing well-balanced meals to ensure everyone has plenty of energy for their awesome activities.  We also provide meals for those with moderate dietary restrictions, but ask to be made aware of those needs prior to camp.  A fee of $75/week is assessed to accommodate special dietary needs including vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, non-allergenic and other needs. See the Food & Dining section of the website for more details.

Does the camp community eat together for meals?

Mealtimes are some of the most fun times each day!  All campers and staff eat together three times daily, with table assignments drawn at random each Monday allowing the campers the opportunity to sit with and meet new people at different tables each week.

How do you communicate with your daughter while she is at camp?

Communication is encouraged through writing letters to your daughter and composing one-way email through your CampMinder Account.  Upon enrolling your daughter, a CampMinder account is created where you can manage your information and view photos from the summer.  “Camp stamps” are purchased through CampMinder allowing the sending of one-way email.  These are printed and distributed daily to campers. Campers living within the United States will be encouraged to write letters to be mailed home three times per week.

If I live out of the United States, how will I communicate with my daughter?

International campers compose letters to parents and the camp office electronically sends them home twice weekly.  Note that if you would like to respond to those letters, please send your daughter a one-way email through CampMinder.

Do we have a camp uniform?

The Camp Nicolet uniform, consisting of a camper polo shirt, tan shorts, and white tennis shoes, is worn for a handful of special days and events throughout the summer.  For details on purchasing uniform items, please visit our clothing vendor here. Comfy clothing appropriate to the activity in which your daughter is participating is encouraged.  It’s best to bring a good supply of shorts, jeans, and tee shirts to camp.

What are the cabins like?

All camper cabins are located on the shore of Franklin Lake.  Open the windows on a warm summer night for a wonderful lake breeze!  Campers live together with cabinmates in a spacious bunkroom, with a fireplace and table for games.  See the Cabin Life section of the website for more details.

Is my daughter allowed to bring her cell phone, iPod, iPad, etc.?

Generally, we encourage electronic devices be left at home.  However, we do allow campers to travel to camp with iPods and cell phones.  Upon arrival, these items will be collected for safekeeping.  Digital cameras are welcome to capture special camp memories.

How many staff work at camp each session?

We have a staff to camper ratio of 1:3.  Counselors come from all over the United States and internationally.  Approximately 75% come from the USA and 25% from other countries.

Does my daughter need money at camp?

Please do not send your daughter to camp with any money.  Camp store (“Canteen”) purchases for snacks, clothing, and other items are billed separately at the conclusion of the camp season.  Any valuables brought to camp are kept in the camp office until departure.

How do we communicate with parents during the summer and what to expect:

If you have questions regarding your daughter’s adjustment to camp, please call the office anytime during regular hours at (715) 545-2522.

If your daughter requires a routine trip to the clinic, orthodontic work, hospitalization or emergency treatment, our Camp Nurse will notify you immediately.

We ask that you not call your daughter or her counselors, unless such a call is prearranged with the Camp Director.

At the end of the first week of each session, you’ll hear from your daughter’s cabin counselors regarding her adjustment to camp.

At the end of the camp season you will receive a more detailed report of your daughter’s camp and cabin activities and her health record while at camp.

We maintain a Blog on this website and publish CampMinder photo galleries during the camp season.  Please login to My Account to view the latest photos!