Camp Nicolet

Visiting & Keeping in Touch

Visitation Dates for 2016

Camp Nicolet will open for visitors beginning on the following dates for the 2017 season:

Session I: June 30th – July 6th

Session III: July 28th – August 9th

Due to the short length of Session II and our desire to help campers that may be struggling with homesickness during that time, there will be no visitation dates during the Session II time frame.

Please be sure to plan accordingly and call the office at 715-545-2522 to schedule your visit.

Planning Your Visit

Eagle River is a large resort area and it is advisable to make reservations for accommodations as early as possible.  See the Area Accommodations section of the website for more information, or contact the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce.

  • Visitation hours are from 8:30 am until 8:30 pm. Campers do not leave camp overnight.
  • Camp Nicolet Alumni are welcome to join us for one meal during your visit. Please make sure to provide a notice of at least 24-hours so that the kitchen can plan accordingly.
  • Please communicate with your daughter about your visitation dates to ensure she is not away from camp on a wilderness trip. Please contact the camp office for details, or consult the Northpoint Adventures wilderness trip schedule at
  • If your daughter is staying at camp for multiple sessions, she will participate in a special intersession trip to Eagle River. These take place on changeover Saturday. These trips are popular with campers – please consult the summer schedule to avoid conflicts.
  • A camper may have one full day out of camp; if parents live separately, her parents may have one full day each.
  • Grandparents and other relatives are welcome to come visit; with your written consent, a camper may take a day out of camp with them if parents are unable to visit.
  • If parents or relatives are unable to visit camp, with your written consent, your daughter may join another family (by invitation) on a day out of camp. She may do this once during her time at camp.
  • Please park vehicles in the parking area. Please do not drive through camp, other than when delivering or picking up your daughter’s luggage from her cabin area.
  • Upon arrival, please check in at the camp office to receive a visitor ID badge, which should be worn at all times when on the camp grounds.
  • After a day out of camp, please check your daughter back in at the office. Visitors may not proceed to cabin areas after 7:00 pm. If you’re joining us for a Saturday evening campfire, please avoid the cabin areas upon conclusion of the event.
  • Please do not bring food, candy, or gum onto the camp grounds. Anything left with your camper will be confiscated.
  • Please leave pets at home – they are not permitted on the grounds.
  • Please respect camper and staff privacy. Male visitors are permitted inside the cabins only when invited. You must ask cabin staff permission before taking any video or photos inside cabins.
  • Please do not extend gratuities or monetary gifts to staff members.
  • Please do not use the cabin bathrooms. Restrooms for guests are located near the dining hall and in Forest Lodge.
  • Please, no smoking, no alcohol, and no illegal drugs on the camp grounds. Firearms and fireworks are also prohibited.

We wish you a safe trip to the Northwoods and look forward to seeing you!

Keeping In Touch

→ Phone Number:  715-545-2522

→ Fax Number: 715-318-6422 (for bar-coded medical forms ONLY)

→ Email:

→ Facebook:

Normal office hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Saturday. Please observe these hours when you have occasion to call camp, unless it is for an emergency reason. Office hours are reduced on Sunday when special activities are in progress. Voicemail is monitored regularly.


You have a direct one-way e-mail link through your CampMinder account to write messages to your daughter. These are printed each morning and your daughter will receive it during mail call. Contact CampMinder directly at (303) 444-2267 with any questions on how to get your one-way email account set up.


We encourage the art of letter writing! Campers are asked to write home two times weekly and will enjoy getting letters from you as well.

Address (US Postal Service):

Camper’s Name
Camp Nicolet
P.O. Box 1359
Eagle River, WI 54521 (USA)

Shipping Address for luggage (UPS or FedEX):

Camper’s Name
Camp Nicolet
16040 Hwy 70 East
Eagle River, WI  54521

Mail Hints and Tips

  • Camp mail service occurs Monday through Saturday
  • Please write a letter before your daughter leaves home so that it will be waiting for her upon arrival at camp.
  • Send your daughter to camp with preaddressed stamped envelopes.
  • We would appreciate knowing if you do not receive a letter from your daughter within a reasonable period of time when she’s at camp.  Please contact the camp office should this arise.
  • If you should receive letters that cause you concern as to her adjustment or well-being, please advise us immediately. Remember that sometimes youngsters will sometimes over-emphasize a situation, so please take this into consideration in assessing your need to contact us.


  • By following the Packing List section, your daughter will arrive at camp with everything she needs.
  • We do not allow “care packages” of any kind be sent to camp.
  • Small padded envelopes with magazines and mail are acceptable.
  • If you daughter needs replacement glasses, retainers, and the like, please contact the camp office to make arrangements. Any packages sent to camp without pre-approval will be returned to the sender and your daughter’s canteen account will be billed for any mailing expense.
  • Campers may receive a package on their birthday, as long it does not include any food, candy, or gum. All food, candy, and/or gum will be confiscated and disposed of properly.

Telephone Use

  • Campers may not use the telephone except for purposes approved by the Camp Director.
  • When a camper has a birthday during camp, she may either receive a call from her parents, or she may place a call to her parents at this time. There will only be one phone call allowed (except in the case of separation or divorce) so please make sure everyone who would like to wish the camper a “Happy Birthday” is present for the call.

For any emergency call, please ask to speak to the Camp Director.