Camp Nicolet

Happy Halloween!


Here’s a tale from days of old,
The night was stormy, windy and cold,
But Shorty stood strong, brave and bold.
It’s a scary story as it unfolds
70 years since it’s been told.
Coming this summer…
The Legend of Shorty’s Gold!

Can you find Shorty's ghost in the window?

Can you find Shorty’s ghost in the window?


Shorty Fournier was a small and lively French lady who originally owned the property that is now Camp Nicolet. In October of 1944 she agreed to sell 180 acres of pristine forest and 2 miles of lakeshore to Ann and Wendall Schrader. For many summers Shorty continued to live at camp in the original log cabin called “Chickadee” which is now the site of Chalet. Very definitely a unique little lady, Shorty wore a hat that had porcupine quills sticking out of it, coveralls, and played the bugle. She always had a twinkle in her eye and was full of mischief. She also held a tough line when it came to protecting the environment and the natural beauty of the area that is now the Nicolet National Forest.

After refusing many offers to sell the property to businessmen, loggers, hunters, and others who had no regard for the land, Shorty asked the Schraders what they had in mind for her property. When they told her they wanted to start a summer camp for children she willingly agreed to the sale. Over the past seven decades the Schrader and Starz families have developed Camp Nicolet into the exceptional facility is is today and strive to preserve the natural wonders of the forest and lake.

In honor of Shorty Fournier, Jeremy Starz and creative members of our staff invented and initiated a special weekend activity called Legends Day or “The Legend of Shorty’s Gold”. This fun event takes place every anniversary year to introduce our campers to a segment of Nicolet’s history. 2014 will be Nicolet’s 70th anniversary and we look forward to sharing this wonderful adventure while searching for Shorty’s gold.



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