Camp Nicolet

The Juniper Project


As early as this spring the sound of hammering and sawing has been hovering around the cabin named Juniper. First the front deck was completely replaced with sturdy new steps, decking, and railing. The bathroom was enlarged and a double sink and large mirror were added to make morning rise and shine time even easier! A  favorite of the cabin staff is a brand new counselors’ room and dressing area. Last, but certainly not least, the entire bunk room is now refinished in a beautiful light pine paneling. New track lighting for a bright and cheery atmosphere highlights the newly painted ceiling. A nice cozy fire in the fireplace and a beautiful view of Franklin Lake certainly completes the ambiance!

Juniper is Nicolet’s first heritage cabin to receive a renovation and a new look. The grand plan is to take one cabin at a time and focus on individual structural elements to update and remodel. Thanks to Jack (Nicolet’s Director of Maintenance) and to Jeremy (Camp Owner and Site and Facility Manager) for the creative touches and hours of carpentry, plumbing, painting, and wiring that has gone into the Juniper Project!

Director of Maintenance Jack Weyrauch works on the new front deck.

Director of Maintenance Jack makes some creative cuts for the new front deck.


Jeremy puts final touches on the new paint before adding trim to the paneling.

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