Eagle River, Wisconsin

Northpoint Adventures

Tripping & Outdoor Adventure Program

Northpoint Adventures is Camp Nicolet’s wilderness tripping and outdoor adventure program. Sign up for awesome experiences like rock climbing, whitewater rafting, backpacking trips, paddling trips, and much more.

As part of your traditional Camp Nicolet experience you’ll participate in the Sylvania Wilderness Canoe trip at age 11, and at age 12 you’ll take an amazingly scenic backpacking trip to the Porcupine Mountains on the shore of Lake Superior. After this, more advanced trips become elective.


Trip Progression

Age 11 – Sylvania Wilderness Canoe
Age 12 – Porcupine Mountains Backpacking
Age 13 – Pictured Rocks Backpacking, Super Porkies Backpacking, or Apostle Islands Sea Kayaking
Age 14 – Isle Royale Backpacking
Age 15 – Voyageurs Wilderness Canoe
Age 16 – Rocky Mountain Backpacking


Additional Trips

Age 12 or 13 – Devils Lake Rock Climbing
Age 14 – Whitewater Rafting


Alumni Trips

Age 21 and over – Isle Royale Odyssey Backpacking

Visit the Northpoint Adventures website today at www.npadventures.org and check out the upcoming summer’s trip and program offerings. We hope to see you “on the trail.”

“Camp Nicolet is a tremendous gift, not just for our daughter, but for our whole family. It’s always nice to remind our daughter that her favorite time of year is the one month she doesn’t have a phone in her hands. Camp is a huge part of who our daughter is – for that we are thankful.” – Jill R., Chicago IL

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