Camp Nicolet

Singing for “Slippery Sidney”


During the past decades, many Nicolet water skiers have challenged themselves by attempting and ultimately conquering our ski jump, fondly known as “Slippery Sidney”. Many of our campers and staff have gone on to ski with collegiate teams at such schools as Rollins, Iowa, Indiana, Colby, and Hope College due to their experience with competitive skiing and wakeboarding at Nicolet. This summer we are offering two morning sessions/week of competitive skiing to interested campers. Our enthusiastic skiers have opted to focus on Slippery Sidney this session and are making great progress. It seems to be a tradition that has been handed down over the years that a prospective jumper sings her favorite song upon approaching the jump – so as in the past, most everyone sings for “Sidney”!

Comp Jumpers

"Knees, trees, freeze!"

“Knees, trees, freeze!”

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