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“Ops Guide” – 6.2.2020

How quickly another two weeks have passed as camp’s full-time team continues preparation for the summer ahead!  Although a few mosquitoes race laps around our heads as we try to enjoy evening walks through camp or plant flowers outside the Dining Hall, the weather in the North Woods is becoming generally unbeatable and we’re loving the sunshine and warmer days.  By the time camp starts with Session II on July 12th, I bet the typical June bugs are a thing of the past and we’ll be on to sunshine, warm Franklin Lake water, and wonderful afternoons out on the waterfront & beach.  Yes, summer is here; and indeed we’re excited!

On behalf of Camp Nicolet’s Leadership Team, I’m proud to present our valued families, staff members, alumni, and friends with the “Camp Nicolet Summer 2020 COVID-19 Risk Management Guidebook.”  Referred to casually around the office as “the Ops Guide,” this document is designed to answer many Nicolet-specific questions about how we’ll operate in the context of Coronavirus this summer.  Additionally, it provides detailed outlines of risk management practices and protocol in place for this season at camp.

Click to Download:

Camp Nicolet Summer 2020 COVID-19 Risk Management Guidebook

Version 1 – 06.02.2020 – PDF

The guidebook is a “living document” and is subject to addition and revision throughout the summer.  We are open to suggestions or feedback you might have.  While the guidebook is already lengthy, we admit we might not have thought of everything.  Please let us know if we have not addressed an element of the camp experience which may need procedural clarification.  jstarz(at) is the best way to provide feedback, and I thank you in advance.  The link above is updated with revised versions as they become available.

Finally, please take time before camp begins to study the guidebook.  Not only does it answer questions you or your camper may have, but it adequately mentally prepares you for what to expect in terms of your participation or employment at Camp Nicolet this season.  There are important pre-arrival guidelines outlined at the beginning of the guidebook we are asking all campers and staff to follow.

Now, back to the fun stuff; camp is coming soon!  Are you ready?  What costumes are you going to pack?  Are you excited to see your camp friends?  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get outside, see my camp pals, and enjoy 5 weeks in the great North Woods!  It will be here before we know it.  All of us at camp are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Very sincerely,
Jeremy Starz – Owner/Director of Operations


“Every time the name Camp Nicolet comes into my mind, it brings me nothing but happiness. Camp is a place that transformed me and the kids I worked with, in such a positive and life changing way. Nicolet is a place that has left a forever mark on my heart, and will always bring a smile to my face. Thank you for everything.” – Nicolet Staff Member

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