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Eagle River, Wisconsin

Through the Wishing Tree

~ Written and sung at Final Banquet by the 2019 Counselors In Training ~

Verse 1:   We’re making pudgy pies, on a Wednesday night

In the Outpost, sitting ’round the campfire.

Thinking ’bout winning Cookie Cup.

Making sure we keep track of our patches, so we can sew them on our jackets.

We like the sound of honking horns

When a Northpoint trip comes home.

Chorus: So if you wanna know, here it goes…

This is Nicolet, a part of us we know when we’re old,

We’ll remember everything.

‘Cause when we’re here the sun in shining down on us as we paddle and we ski.

Get around the lake as happy as can be.

75 summers full of memories.

The trees are growing

The waters flowing

Generations going

Through the Wishing Tree.


2019 CIT I cabin group.



“Camp Nicolet was a place where I found peace, affection and respect. where equality always existed and where I learned the true meaning of family. Forever the best experience in the world.” – Camp Nicolet International Staff Member

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