Camp Nicolet

Cabin Life

The summer home for campers is one of ten spacious lakefront cabins with electricity, a bathroom, a screened porch, and a fireplace.  The infirmary (Patches) and a shower facility are a short walk from each cabin, and laundry is sent out to be done once per week.

Living in a cabin with all your friends during the summer is a really awesome experience!  Each cabin is assigned at least two counselors whose #1 priority is your safety – but beyond that they are there to help you have a great summer!

You’ll do other fun things with your cabin as well, like plan a campfire skit, do talent show acts together, and go on a Wednesday cookout in the Nicolet Outpost.

You’ll sleep on a bunk bed and you can decorate your space anyway you’d like, with pictures, posters, or whatever you’d like to bring!

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