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Visitation & Contact

Parent Visitation

Parent visitation begins 10 days after the beginning of each session, and concludes approximately 24 hours before a session ends.  Please come see us this summer!

2024 Session I Visitation

  • Tuesday, July 2nd – Visitation Begins at 8:45am
  • Wednesday, July 10th – Visitation Concludes at 5:00pm

2024 Session II Visitation

  • Tuesday, July 23rd – Visitation Begins at 8:45am
  • Wednesday, August 7th – Visitation Concludes at 9:00pm – following Camp Musical

Parent visitation is by reservation only.  Please complete a 2024 Parent Visitation form in MY CAMP ACCOUNT.

Helpful Visitation Guidelines

  • For information on local lodging, dining, and fun things to do in the area, visit the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce
  • Please make sure you’re daughter is not on a wilderness trip when you’re planning to visit (oops!)
  • Visitation hours begin at 8:45am daily. You are welcome to spend as much of the day at camp as you would like and we encourage you to check out all the new things your camper is learning!  If you would like to join us for a meal, please contact the Camp Director.
  • Upon arrival, please park in the Parking Lot and proceed on foot to the Camp Office.  Please check in at the Camp Office and receive a name tag before proceeding to other areas of camp.
  • Please respect the privacy of other Campers and Staff by asking permission to enter cabins.  People may be changing at any time of day, especially between activities.
  • Public restroom facilities are available behind the Dining Hall and in Forest Lodge.  Please refrain from using cabin bathrooms.
  • Campers may have one full day out of camp with each legal guardian or grandparents.  We recommend taking no more that two full days away from camp.
  • Please return to camp by 8:45pm, so your camper has an opportunity to settle back into the cabin and reconnect with her cabin group prior to bedtime.
  • If a legal guardian is not able to visit camp, parents may give written permission for a camper to leave camp with family friends or relatives. Campers are limited to one out-of-camp visit with another family.  Both families shall provide their permission / consent.
  • Please do not bring food, candy, or gum into camp.  Food in cabins attracts unwanted critters.  Enjoy the local candy shops & fast food, but leave the fries & fudge in the car.  Hint: purchase some to take home with you, so your daughter has a great memory of Eagle River (and camp) when she returns home!
  • While we all love pets, please leave these “family friends” at home.  Please do not bring pets on to camp grounds – it creates a liability for you and for camp.
  • Please do not extend gratuities to Staff members.  Gratuities may be perceived as “awkward,” and as a request to give a Camper special attention.  At Nicolet, each of our experiences is of equal priority and importance.

Mail & E-Mail

US Mail is picked up at the local post office in Eagle River, Monday through Saturday, and is typically distributed to campers at Rest Hour (after lunch).  Mailing times can be slightly longer to/from our location in northern Wisconsin. We encourage all campers to write home at least three times per week, in the spirit and camp tradition of good communication!  Sometimes, no news is good news.  However, if you have any concerns, please contact a Leadership Team member anytime.

Mailing Address for US Mail

Your Camper’s Name
Camp Nicolet, Inc.
P.O. Box 1359
Eagle River, WI 54521

In addition to letters via US Mail, campers may receive one-way e-mails from parents.  This is accomplished through MY CAMP ACCOUNT or the Campanion app for smartphones.  The Campanion app is downloaded on the Apple App Store or Google Play.  One-way e-mails may be sent after parents have purchased “Camp Stamps” in MY CAMP ACCOUNT.  E-mails are printed each morning, and are placed in cabin mailboxes prior to lunch.  Campers receive e-mails typically at Rest Hour.

Unfortunately, campers are not able to send you e-mails in return.  We encourage the old-fashioned art of letter writing as part of the camp experience.  International campers, however, can get special letterhead at the camp office and can hand-write letters to you, which we will scan and e-mail home (International campers only, please).  E-mails for Campers sent directly to the Camp Nicolet general e-mail address will be returned to you – we can only print and distribute one-way e-mails sent through MY CAMP ACCOUNT.  If you have questions, please contact a Leadership Team member.


By following the Packing List, your daughter should arrive at camp with everything she needs. In an effort to eliminate competition among campers and possibly homesickness, we don’t allow “care packages,” with the exception of those for a camper who has a birthday at camp. Small padded envelopes with books and magazines are allowed, but anything larger is returned to sender, and costs are billed to your camp store account.

Our location in the North Woods affords us the opportunity to connect with nature, and a unique part of that is being in close proximity to animals.  Please do not send food, candy, or gum to camp.  Food in cabins attracts unwanted critters – there is just no way around it.

If your camper needs replacement eyeglasses, retainers, or other essential items, please contact a Leadership Team member to make arrangements so these packages are not accidentally returned.

Phone Calls

Part of the importance of the summer camp experience is fostering independence by learning how to be away from home.

While many people believe that contact with home helps campers settle into camp life and eases homesickness, it’s our experience that the opposite is true; calls home tend to increase the length and severity of homesickness.

For this reason, we do not allow phone calls at camp. The only exception is for campers who have a birthday during their camp session.  Please contact the camp office to schedule a birthday call, and to arrange for a birthday “care package” (at your discretion – no food, candy, or gum, please).

Teletherapy Sessions

There is no doubt the recent global COVID-19 pandemic has affected many.  In recognizing that, Camp Nicolet supports “teletherapy” sessions for those who request them.  The following helps Nicolet’s Leadership Team support families requesting such calls:

  • Foremost, please contact the Camp Director directly to arrange teletherapy sessions.  The Director gives approval for such calls.
  • The Camp Director works confidentially with the Wellness Coordinator, Office Manager, Camp Nurse(s), Assistant Director/Operations, & Assistant Director/Program to make sure a plan is in place to call the Camper (or Staff member) to the office at the time of their scheduled teletherapy session
  • Please provide us with complete contact details of your family’s mental health provider(s) – including direct phone and e-mail information
  • Please provide us with a list of possible times calls can be scheduled.  Our team works with your family & providers to craft individualized call schedules
  • A Leadership Team member initiates scheduled calls to the provider at scheduled times, and will hand the phone to the camper/minor for the session
  • Those participating in teletherapy are provided a quiet, private room in which to have their call
  • Any feedback can be discussed with Nicolet’s Wellness Coordinator, Camp Director, or Leadership Team member

If your family has questions or circumstances you wish to discuss, please contact the Camp Director.

“Camp Nicolet is a tremendous gift, not just for our daughter, but for our whole family. It’s always nice to remind our daughter that her favorite time of year is the one month she doesn’t have a phone in her hands. Camp is a huge part of who our daughter is – for that we are thankful.” – Camp Parent

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