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Eagle River, Wisconsin

Visitation & Contact


Visitation dates for the current camp season can be found in your Nicolet Notes for Parents Handbook. Different sessions will have different options for visitation. Should you have questions, please contact the camp office.

In order to create a cohesive camp experience and allow campers to settle in and work through any feelings of homesickness, no exceptions will be made. If you would like information on local lodging, dining, and/or entertainment, please visit the Eagle River Area Chamber of Commerce at

When scheduling your visit to camp, we ask that you abide by the following policies:

  1. Please provide the date and arrival time of your visit to the camp office as soon as possible. This helps us to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts (i.e. special events your camper may not want to miss) and to have her ready for your arrival.
  2. Visitation hours begin at 9am each day. You are welcome to spend as much of the day at camp as you would like and we encourage you to check out all the new things your camper is learning, however meals are not available to visitors.
  3. Upon arrival, please park in the parking lot and proceed on foot to the camp office. Families must sign in at the office and get a nametag before proceeding to other areas of camp.
  4. Please respect the privacy of other campers and staff by asking permission to enter cabins as people may be changing between activities at any time of day.
  5. Public restroom facilities are available behind the dining hall and in the Forest Lodge. Please do not ask to use cabin bathrooms.
  6. Campers may have one full day out of camp with each legal guardian. This cannot be split into multiple partial days.
  7. We ask that campers return to camp by 8pm so that they have an opportunity to settle back into their evening routine prior to bedtime. While time with loved ones is always special, coming back to camp right before bedtime can lead to a recurrence of homesickness that night, even for campers who have not previously struggled. Being active with the cabin for a short time beforehand helps to remind the camper of how much they love being at camp.
  8. If a legal guardian is not able to visit camp, you may give written permission for your camper to leave camp with another adult. Campers are limited to one out-of-camp visit. If she would like to go out with another visiting camp family, both families must provide consent.
  9. Please do not bring food, candy, or gum. Anything left for your camper will be collected and disposed of properly. Again, those critters.
  10. Please leave family pets at home. They should not be brought onto camp grounds.
  11. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, and firearms are not allowed on camp property.
  12. We ask that you please do not extend gratuities or gifts to staff members.

*Camp Nicolet alumni are invited to join us for one meal during their visit. Please contact the camp office to make a reservation one week prior to your visit.


Mail & E-Mail

Mail does not get delivered to camp and requires a trip to the post office in town. This is done Monday through Saturday, with distribution to campers after dinner. Please be aware that mailing time can be slightly longer to/from our location in northern Wisconsin. We encourage all campers to write home at least three times per week, but are not able to force your camper to do so. Rest assured that no news is good news. If there are any concerns, the camp office will give you a call to discuss. Mail should be sent to the following address:

Camp Nicolet
Camper Name
P.O. Box 1359
Eagle River, WI 54521

In addition to regular mail, campers are able to receive one-way e-mails from anyone who has purchased camp stamps through their CampInTouch account. Camper e-mails sent to the camp e-mail address or staff personal e-mail address will not be printed and distributed. Campers are not allowed to send e-mails in return, with the exception of our international campers and those whose parents are traveling extensively during the summer, as mailing times are often longer than the camp session they are attending.



By following the packing list, your daughter should arrive at camp with everything she needs. In an effort to eliminate competition among campers and increased homesickness, we do not allow “care packages” of any kind, with the exception of those for a camper who has a birthday at camp. Small padded envelopes with books and magazines are allowed, but anything larger will be returned to the sender and the cost will be billed to your camper’s account. Our location in the Northwoods affords us the opportunity to connect with nature, but part of that is being in close proximity to wild animals. For this reason, food of any kind is not allowed and will be confiscated and disposed of properly. Nobody wants to wake up with a critter in their bed.

If your camper needs replacement eyeglasses, retainers, or other essential items, please contact the camp office to make arrangements so that these packages are not returned.


Phone Calls

Part of the importance of the summer camp experience is fostering independence by learning how to be away from home. While many people believe that contact with home will help their camper settle in to camp life and ease homesickness, it has been our experience that the opposite is true; calls home tend to increase the length and severity of homesickness. For this reason, we do not allow phone calls at camp. The only exception to this policy is for camper’s who have a birthday during their camp session. If your camper has a camp birthday, please contact our camp office a week prior to schedule a time for her call.

“As a preteen who struggled to find her place in school— I absolutely flourished at camp and was forever changed. Camp Nicolet helped me discover who I was and how powerful one girl could become.” – Camp Nicolet Alumna

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