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Eagle River, Wisconsin

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is Camp Nicolet?

Camp Nicolet is located outside of Eagle River, Wisconsin within the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Eagle River is approximately 6 hours north of Chicago.

Q: How many campers are there?

Camp has a capacity of 105 campers per session. East End campers range in age from 7-11; West End campers are between the ages of 12-17.

Q: Where do campers come from?

Nicolet campers come from all over the world. They represent every area of the United States, as well as countries such as Mexico, Russia, and France.

Q: What is a camp sister and when will I be assigned one?

All campers who are new to Camp Nicolet will be assigned a “Camp Sister.”  This will be a returning camper who can help answer any questions you may have about a summer at Nicolet. You will be sent her contact information in May and she will be sent yours. The first Monday night of your camp session, you will be invited to a Camp Sister party with games, boat rides, and s’mores.

Q: What are the cabins like?

Our camper cabins house 8-12 campers and 2-3 counselors each. They are fully equipped with bunkbeds, dressers/drawers, a table and chairs, a fireplace, a screen porch, and a bathroom with sink and toilet. Showers are taken in our nearby shower house facility. Explore Cabin Life»

Q: Where do counselors come from?

Staff also come from all over the world. While most of our staff live stateside, approximately 25% come to us internationally from places like Ireland, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, and more.

Q: What kinds of activities will I get to do?

Camp Nicolet offers a vast array of activities to appeal to all campers. Some of the most popular include waterskiing, horseback riding, sailing, archery, mad scientist, outpost overnight, and podcasting.

Explore all of the activities camp has to offer»

Each week your will complete an “Activity Preference Form,” which is used to create your weekly schedule. This form lists each of the activities that are offered that week and you will be asked to rank them in order of preference. Our program director will then enter schedules accordingly and distribute on Monday morning after breakfast. All campers are pre-scheduled into showers, water ski, and paid activities. If you have any concerns about your schedule, you can visit the program director after breakfast or lunch to make any necessary changes.

Please note, while we do our best to give all campers their top choices, in order to ensure that camper-to-staff ratios are met and we can safely supervise each area, there are limits to the number of campers that can be in each activity. When that limit has been reached, your second or third choice will be scheduled.

Q: What do we do on weekends?

Saturday is a normal activity day so you will get to continue enjoying all the fun in the areas.  On Sunday, we have a special “All Camp Activity.” A theme is chosen by the staff committee and campers are divided up into teams to compete throughout the day in various activities. Past all camp activities include The Amazing Race, Hunger Games, Capture-the-Flag, and Counselor Hunt. Marathon Day is a traditional yearly event and every four years we compete in the Camp Nicolet Olympics.

Q: When am I eligible to go on trips?

Northpoint Adventures is our wilderness tripping and outdoor adventure program for campers age 11 and up.  This program consists of trips tailored to different skill levels and abilities, including backpacking, canoeing, and kayaking. Please see the Northpoint Adventures section of the website for more information on wilderness tripping opportunities.

Q: Are there any programs for older campers?

At age 15, you become eligible for the Camp Nicolet Leadership Program.  This program consists of three levels: Advanced Camper, Counselor-in-Training I, and Counselor-in-Training II. Please see the Leadership Program section of the website for complete details.

Q: What kind of food will I eat?

We serve buffet style and have a salad & fruit bar available at each meal. Our head chef takes pride in providing well-balanced meals to ensure everyone has plenty of energy for the day. Some of the favorites are tenders and tots, turkey and mashed potatoes, grilled cheese and tomato soup, nacho bar, and pizza. Seconds are usually quite popular. Twice a session we have special “Dining Hall Nights” hosted by a staff committee. These nights provide an opportunity for dressing up, trying special theme-related foods, and having some fun. Past dining hall nights have included the Camp Nicolet Haunted Mansion, Twin Night, and Fiesta. More Dining & Food information»

Q: What happens if I have a birthday during camp?

Having a birthday at camp is a special occasion. You will have a special birthday sign crafted by your cabin counselors, a birthday cake (flavor combination of your choice.), and our traditional birthday song sung to you. The party continues in the evening when you’ll be able to take some of your cake back to the cabin to share with your cabin mates.

Q: What do I wear at camp?

Comfy clothing appropriate to the activity in which you’re participating is encouraged.  It’s best to bring a good supply of shorts, jeans, and t-shirts to camp. The Nicolet uniform (a camper polo shirt, tan/khaki shorts, and white tennis shoes) is worn for a handful of special days and events throughout the summer.

Q: Can I bring my electronics?

Camp Nicolet is a “tech-free” campus. We believe that our campers (and staff) benefit from time to disconnect from our electronic devices in order to reconnect with ourselves and others face-to-face. Campers may not bring electronic devices, including (but not limited to) phones, laptops, tablets, MP3 players, video games, e-readers (Kindles), video cameras, or smart watches. If you bring any of these items, they will be stored in the camp safe until your last day of camp. We do allow the use of digital cameras, as long as they are not able to connect to the internet.

Q: Can my parents visit?

Absolutely. We have visitation days open during Session I & III. We do not allow visitation during Session II due to the short length of the session. Visitation & Contact»

Q: Can I call home?

Part of the importance of the summer camp experience is fostering independence by learning how to be away from home. While many people believe that contact with home will help you settle in to camp life and ease homesickness, it has been our experience that the opposite is true; calls home tend to increase the length and severity of homesickness. For this reason, we do not allow phone calls at camp. The only exception to this policy is for camper’s who have a birthday during their camp session.

“Camp means more to me that you will ever know. My best friends/sisters are the most important people in my life. I am forever grateful to you for providing me (and my mom!) with nine wonderful summers. I would not be who I am today without Nicolet.”

– Alumni

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