Camp Nicolet

Packing List

Packing List

The following additional guidelines will assist you in packing for camp:

  • Select clothing that is comfortable, is easy to maintain, and is appropriate for a summer camp environment.
  • Pack clothes your daughter already has at home, as there is no need to buy new clothing just for camp.
  • Please do not send expensive designer clothing or items that require special care in washing or drying. Our laundry service uses conventional equipment and hot water temperatures.
  • All items of clothing, bedding, and equipment must be marked for easy identification.
  • Please avoid overpacking.  Storage space is limited in the cabins.
  • Towels and bedding are available to international campers.
  • Campers are welcome to bring digital cameras to capture special moments at camp.  Photos from camp are also available on your CampMinder account  and through Facebook several times each week.

Camper laundry is done once a week by a local professional laundry service.  Please be sure your camper has her own laundry bag labeled with her name.

The following are required of all campers:

  • Bathing suits: Two high-visibility bathing suits are required for all swimming activities.  Red bathing suits are not acceptable, as red is worn by all of our instructors and lifeguards.
  • Sleeping bag with nylon stuff bag: Small and lightweight synthetic-filled bags are best (can be washed easily), down-filled bags are not recommended.
  • Day pack: A small backpack of waterproof nylon to be used for cabin cookout and camping activities.
  • Tennis wear: Tennis shoes are required (no black soles, please) and campers should bring their own racquet to camp.
  • Riding wear: If your daughter is participating in the riding program, a hard hunt hat (SEI approved is required) with a chinstrap and a pair of riding boots (English or Western) are necessary. A pair of tie shoes with smooth leather soles and heels may be substituted for boots.
  • Camp uniform: The camp uniform consists of tan shorts or pants, a monogrammed polo shirt, a nylon camp jacket and white tennis shoes. The shirt is available through the camp clothing supplier and the jacket will be purchased upon arrival at the on-site canteen ($20.00 will be deducted from the camper’s camp store account). Both are required of all campers. These are worn during Sunday dinner, Vespers, camp photo day and out-of-camp activity exchanges with other camps.

The following should not be brought to camp:

  • We DO NOT allow DVD players, laptops, cell phones, iPods, iPads, radios, hairdryers, or any other electronic devices.  Camp is a place for your daughter to develop communication and socialization skills, interact with her camp pals, and to leave the distractions of the city behind for a time. This is part of the value of her camp experience.
  • Please, no skateboards.
  • Please do not bring or send to camp any candy, gum, or other food items.
  • Please do not pack or bring any clothing with inappropriate or suggestive logos or imprints.
  • Please do not send along valuable jewelry or sums of cash.  Such items will be collected from campers and kept safe in the camp office.

If you have questions regarding packing for camp, please email us or contact the camp office anytime at (715) 545-2522.