Camp Nicolet

Special Activities

Sundays are very special days at Camp Nicolet!  Different from the regular schedule, we wake up a little later, have a tasty Sunday dinner at noontime, and each weekend there is a themed special activity which takes place in the afternoon!  Follow this up with an All-Camp-Dip (ACD) and a tasty BBQ supper, and there’s no better way to begin a new week at camp!

Special activities can include EcoChallenge, Nicolet’s Amazing Race, Carnival Day, Marathon Day (traditional to Camp Nicolet), and – when they’re happening in the rest of the world – the Nicolet Olympics once every 4 summers!

Fourth of July is an exciting celebration of our national holiday.  Skits, field games, a BBQ supper, barn dance, and evening fireworks round out this special time.

Special activities are an awesome time at camp!  It’s really fun to dress up in costume, be creative, give it your all, and have fun with your friends!