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Eagle River, Wisconsin

Alumni Dinner

This event has concluded.  Check out the highlights here!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Green & Buff Alumni Dinner at L. Woods Tap & Pine Lodge in Lincolnwood, IL.  It was an amazing Friday evening, during which multiple generations of Nicolet Campers & Staff were represented.  The food was excellent, prize-giveaways were spirited, and the Starz Family (Georgi & Jeremy) updated alumni regarding camp operations, the 2024 Staff, and the Camp Nicolet Foundation.  Most importantly, it was wonderful to reconnect with many who have very fond & special memories of summers at camp.

The Alumni Volunteer Weekend is another great opportunity to get together and make a positive difference – this time up at camp in late May 2024, as Nicolet prepares for it’s 80th summer season!

And don’t forget the 80th Anniversary Reunion in August 2024, at the conclusion of our resident & Family Camp programs.


“My wonderful parents have given me many gifts in my life, but I am most thankful for the gift of camp which I now share with my daughter. Nicolet taught me the meaning of trying new things, hard work, and gave me my most treasured lifelong friendships.” – Camp Nicolet Parent/Alumna

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