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Recent Summer Highlight Videos Are Here! Did you know a summer highlight video (or camp video… or camp movie…) exists for almost every summer since 1945?  It’s true!  Just like many of Camp Nicolet’s traditions, this one has been around (…)

The Value of Camperships: Paying It Forward By Georgianna Schrader Starz & Bebe Sullivan Edited by Jeremy Starz – February 2024 During the 2023 camp season, the Camp Nicolet Foundation awarded $79,050 USD of Camperships to deserving young women.  Every (…)

~ Written by Margo Smith and published in the July 10, 2019 edition of the Vilas County News Review ~ If you are visiting the Eagle River area with family or friends, you might take a drive down Highway 70 (…)

~ contributed by Deborah Dashow Ruth, 1950s ~ A few months ago we received this wonderful document from a Nicolet alumna who attended camp from 1952 at age 11 years old until she was a CIT in Deerpath in 1956. (…)

June 16th, 2019. As the big Lamers bus turns onto Camp Nicolet Lane and rolls down the driveway, we will officially begin the celebration of seventy-five years of camping tradition and magical memories. On a foggy October day in 1944, (…)