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Recent Summer Highlight Videos Are Here!

Did you know a summer highlight video (or camp video… or camp movie…) exists for almost every summer since 1945?  It’s true!  Just like many of Camp Nicolet’s traditions, this one has been around for a very long time!

Nicolet founder Wendall Schrader annually produced a 16mm “camp film” which was usually shown – on a movie projector – at winter reunions in big cities and during visits with prospective camp families at their homes.  Short clips were glued together – by hand – to create a longer movie, offering summer nostalgia.  Mr. Schrader produced these movies until his “retirement” from camp in 1971.

Georgi Starz continued to edit & produce camp movies also on 16mm film, then on 8mm and “Super 8” film, and finally on VHS tape for many years.  Georgi produced these from 1972 through 1999, and in 2000 teamed up with her son Jeremy Starz to edit the first-ever camp film in digital format.

Now Owner & Director Jeremy Starz annually produces the camp videos.  From 2000 through 2009, these were filmed on DV tapes and edited digitally; the completed movie being sent to families on DVD.  In 2010, Nicolet purchased its first “tapeless” camera which sped up the editing process considerably.  A double-DVD set, CN19 – Forever Summer and CN75 – Perspectives, was released commemorating Nicolet’s 75th anniversary.  These are the final camp movies released on DVD.

As the pandemic interrupted camp operations in 2020, there is no full-length camp video from that season.  However, a short Capture the Flag segment from 2020 (filmed during the Northpoint Wakeboard & Water Ski Camp – one of the few offered programs that summer) is “the Prologue” to the summer 2021 highlight video and is included in the Legacy Format version.

Jeremy collaborated with a professional editor to release the 2021, 2022, and 2023 camp videos on Camp Nicolet’s YouTube channel.  These are available in two forms here; Legacy Format is a full-length movie, and Playlists include the individual Episodes from each summer.  Watch now!

> CN21 – Invincible Summer [Legacy Format]

> CN22 – The Road Ahead [Legacy Format]

> CN2021 X CN2022 – Full Playlist [Individual Episodes]

> CN23 – Solar Powered [Legacy Format]

> CN23 – Solar Powered – Full Playlist [Individual Episodes]

Legacy Format videos are edited to flow like a traditional camp movie.  Individual episode playlists contain slightly more content.  Were you able to spot bonus footage in the individual episodes?

Sit back, relax, grab some popcorn and enjoy great memories from recent past summers at Camp Nicolet.  May the tradition of highlight videos… or camp videos… or camp movies…. or whatever we call them… carry on for many summers to come!  See you in 2024!

Thinking sunshine –

Jeremy Starz
Owner & Director


“My 9 years at Camp Nicolet are some of the highlights of my life.  I think of my time on Lake Franklin, laughing, singing, learning new skills, and making lifelong friends. The memories are a source of pure joy and happiness buffering the inevitable challenges of life!” – Camp Nicolet Alumna

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