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Giving Thanks

As the holiday season approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about the many things for which I am thankful. The list seems a bit never-ending sometimes. There are the obvious – Lex, family, friends, my health, food on the table, roof over my head, etc. But as I look around me and have conversations with others regarding this topic, I realize how truly fortunate I am to have a job that I love and that I am proud of the work that I do. I am fortunate to have a camp community that surrounds me with energy and love. I am fortunate to have employers that provide me with the opportunity to make a difference, to think outside the box, to contribute. I am fortunate to be able to work with some of the most dedicated, passionate people I have ever met. I am fortunate to spend my summers with some of the coolest, most inspiring youth and young adults I have ever known. People who are not afraid to get out of their comfort zone, let their guard down, try new things, and follow their dreams. I am fortunate to have a support system of families and alumni that are committed to making sure that Camp Nicolet is something that they are able to share with their own families year after year. So this Thanksgiving, as I sit down to an unbelievably delicious spread of all my favorites (I LOVE turkey dinner!!), when we go around the table to say what we are thankful for, my thoughts will be with each and every one of you. THANK YOU!

Now, you didn’t think this blog would just be all about me, did you? 🙂 I also reached out to our campers and staff to see what they are most thankful for this year and here is what they had to say…

“I’m thankful for all the amazing campers that I get to be with every year and make my camp experience what it is. I’m thankful for the amazing counselors and staff. They put up with us, they cook outstanding meals, and help me with everything I need.” – Lauren R.

“I am so thankful for being able to come to camp every year. Everyone always says that they are thankful for their home, and to me, camp is my home, and I can’t imagine life without it!” – Paige S.

“I’m thankful for my friends at camp.” – Meghan S.

Planting a garden

“I am thankful for the fact that we are all able to go to camp and have fun at a beautiful place together.” – Jamie S.

“I am thankful for all of the amazing friendships I have made this and all of my summers I have attended Camp Nicolet.” – Lulu D.

“I’m thankful to have met so many amazing friends through camp!! Can’t wait for this summer!” – Sophie L.

Girls hiking

“The thing I am thankful for camp is the wonderful time I have at camp spending time with friends and meeting new friends. I am also thankful that now I get to share this wonderful experience with my sister because she is coming this year for her first time!” – Mia S.

“I’m grateful for the amazing community and friendships I’ve made at camp!” – Thora H.

“I am thankful for all of my camp friends that shaped me to be who I am today.” – Rosie N.

Canoeing at Camp Nicolet

“I am thankful for all of the ways I get to meet people at camp. I always end the summer having good friends I know only from spending four weeks with. Nicolet helps you get really close to the people in your cabins and activities, and the friendships you develop last a lifetime.” – Katie T.

“I am thankful for meeting new friends and having the old friends there to comfort me or just to have fun!” – Rogan C.

“I’m thankful I get to meet a variety of wonderful campers from around the globe. Even though I don’t get to see them every day, I’m thankful we can be a part of each other’s lives through social media.” – Maggie V.

“I’m thankful for having that experience that is really amazing and wonderful and of being part of the camp family. I really enjoy being in your table and playing with you. Thanks for giving me that incredible experience. I’m so thankful. Thanks to you – Jess & Georgi and Jeremy Starz for all you have given me.” – Mariana R.

Girls posing for the camera at Camp Nicolet

“The absolutely beautiful setting of Camp Nicolet.” – Muskie Matt

“I am thankful for camp because it has given me the opportunity to grow and become comfortable with myself. Going to camp as a kid I was super shy and quiet. Today, I may not be the loudest person in the room but I no longer shy away from meeting new people and putting myself out there. I believe camp has given me the tools to get out in the world and be successful no matter what situation I am put in, and for that I am always thankful. Also, I’m thankful for Marathon Day, because my girls rocked that!” – Bethany D.

“My favorite thing about camp is the people that you meet. The relationships you build last a lifetime. Also SUP of course.” – Kate W.

People jumping in the water

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope that you all have a safe and happy holiday!



“Camp means more to me that you will ever know. My best friends/sisters are the most important people in my life. I am forever grateful to you for providing me (and my mom!) with nine wonderful summers. I would not be who I am today without Nicolet.”

– Alumni

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