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Eagle River, Wisconsin

It’s Not Too Late!

Thanks for your time in considering overnight summer camp for your child!

I’m Jeremy Starz, third-generation Owner & Director of Camp Nicolet for Girls in Eagle River, Wisconsin.  My grandparents began our camp almost 80 years ago, in 1945.  This is my 22nd summer working at the camp.  I’m part of Generation X.  I love watching the Holderness Family videos on YouTube, and it’s come to my attention – through those very relatable videos – and through conversations I’ve had with prospective parents this winter, that the word on the street is: “it’s too late to sign up for camp this summer!”

To quote a millennial, “yeah, no.”

There is still time to sign up for camp, and we would be honored to welcome your daughter to Camp Nicolet for Girls this summer!

A video, showing you all about camp, is here (it hasn’t been updated since 2021 – don’t judge):

Online registration is located here:

Our tuition prices are all inclusive except camp store charges (billed at end of season) and camp bus from Chicago (billed when you add it to your account).  Otherwise, we’re all inclusive.  Horseback Riding, Water Skiing, wilderness trips, food (even snacks and beverages at the camp store), laundry, all activities, all special events – everything.

We offer two-week (Flex Attendance), three-week, four-week, and seven-week resident camp options.  We include a complete wilderness program, Northpoint Adventures, with space still available on our trips:

Your daughter will find herself in a personalized environment where people genuinely know her name and who she is, where she will meet awesome camp friends, and will grow in both skill & confidence through her participation.  We value the long-standing working relationships with our families.  Many of our campers have “grown up” at camp, summer after summer.

Why do we still have space?  I’m a transparent guy: we continue to rebuild after COVID.  Summer 2020 took the wind out of our sails (and many other camps) and we’re working on gaining full steam once again.  Many great camps, including ours, still have space – you’re not too late.  We have an incredible staff lined up for the summer, and now we seek enthusiastic campers once again.  Check out our team here:

Would you like to meet virtually?  Here is my scheduling link, I’m happy to talk with you more:

Thanks for thinking camp – and for your time.  Our entire team sincerely appreciates you and your family.  We hope Camp Nicolet might be exactly what you’re looking for this summer.

Very best,


“Camp Nicolet has been a family tradition since 1950. It is always special reminiscing – and looking forward to summer experiences for our grandchild.” – Camp Nicolet Alumna

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