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Eagle River, Wisconsin

Marathon Madness!


Camp Nicolet’s Marathon Day is a long-standing annual tradition. For more than sixty summers campers and staff have been swept up in the excitement and teamwork that is so much a part of this special day. Nicolet’s colors, Green and Buff, become the teams’ identities and throughout the event various competitions are held culminating in the huge Marathon Race. The race incorporates most every activity in camp as a baton is passed from station to station, with the frantic finish at the flagpole.

We invite you to join in the fun and excitement of our 2021 virtual Marathon Madness! From March through May you have the opportunity to sponsor a race station on behalf of the BUFF TEAM or the GREEN TEAM. You may sponsor as many stations as you wish to help your team. As the excitement builds, updates will be sent announcing which team is currently leading at the end of each week. All sponsor donations go directly to the Camp Nicolet Foundation’s Ann and Wendall Schrader Campership Fund to assist families affected by COVID-19. Please click the SPONSOR button and indicate your team and your station either in the PayPal home screen or email

The team winner will be announced in May via a race video including all race sponsor names. Have fun and help out – choose your team and your favorite race station and become an Official Marathon Madness Sponsor.

Race Stations                                          Minimum Sponsor Value

Official Race Starter  –  $100
Starting Runner –  $50
Stable – name parts of the horse, saddle, bridle – $15
Ski Area – put on life vest & skis in the water –  $15
Fire Building – boil a pot of water –  $20
Swim Area – relays and buddy tags –  $20
Smallcraft – rig a Hobie, SUP, kayak & canoe relays – $20
Sports Field – Trolley Teamwork Race – $15
Bike to Lodge – $15
Finish Runner to Flagpole –  $50


Good luck GREEN TEAM and good luck BUFF TEAM – let the race begin!

“Camp Nicolet was a place where I found peace, affection and respect. where equality always existed and where I learned the true meaning of family. Forever the best experience in the world.” – Camp Nicolet International Staff Member

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